Picture quality: - Your cable operator mode of sending the signal is through the coaxial cable, while on the other hand, satellite signals are received through the dish which is installed at your location.

Choice of Program: - Nevertheless, the satellite operator may have a slight advantage over that of the cable operator. The reason for this is because of the in-house programs. Again the cable operator has its own advantage of monopoly when it comes to the transmission of certain sporting programs.

Flexibility: - If you are changing location, then you must surrender your cable television service connection and obtain another one. This may not be so with satellite television.
Internet: - Since it is the usual practice that internet service is provided through the same cable that transmits television signal, this becomes an advantage over the satellite television provider.

Pricing: - For similar content, the price you will get from satellite television provider will often come lower than that you will get from the cable television provider. The price differential is often a serious factor that consumers consider.

Technology: - Satellite scores very high here if you consider technology. Since the satellite is relatively new, it is still the trending thing in the world of entertainment.

Having lain down bare before you, the above factors are be to considered in the event of you making a choice, I believe you will be able to take a decision that will suit and serve you.